Palamari's Cultural Center

Experience the unique, the friendly, the unforgettable!

Palamari's traditional architectural complex re-creates an atmosphere of a time long forgotten and the spirit of Romanian culture.  Set in a backdrop of stunning views of majestic mountains, terraced hills, and evergreen forests, its treasures are waiting to be explored.


The romanian culture and the traditions originating from Maramures.

• two wooden houses

• a Christian wooden church

• event center (location)

• a souvenir shop with handmade roumanian souvenirs and gifts

• a safety playground for children

Palamari's Cultural Center hosts recreational activities, special events, and organizes interactive programs and workshops (creative workshops, cultural weekends, camps, etc.) within the cultural complex.


Enjoy the flavors!

• local products

• traditional romanian menu


Souvenirs are way more fun when you make them yourself. Palamari’s Cultural Center teaches you to create your own souvenirs in order to allow you to surprise your loved ones with custom gifts created by you.

• Workshops

• Social and interactive projects

• Training Programs

• Gastronomic events (exhibitions of local products, gastro live-shows)

• Special events (weddings, theme parties)