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Centrul Cultural Palamari's

The seed for Palamari's Cultural Center was planted in September 2003, when Palamari family bought a piece of land in the area of Moeciu, situated in Transilvania, Romania.

The main idea behind the plantation of the seed was to build up a cultural center in a natural environment in order to provide a valuable contribution to the educational development of children. The children, we refer to, come from different environments and with different levels of education.

In order to make the seed grow, we thought to build a Cultural Center representing the Romanian Culture. The Center consists of: a Romanian Wooden Orthodox Church, two workshop houses and a meeting hall.

The Church is the symbol of the spiritual side of the Romanian Culture and of the roots of the old Romanian Christian Culture.

The workshop houses serve to the development of courses and workshops focused on the initiation in the Romanian culture (e.g.: wood sculpture, painting on glass, and painting on wood, artistical photography, etc).

The meeting hall represents the space for debates and seminars and workshops on various cultural and innovative issues.

Etapele constructiei Centrului Cultural Palamari's

1. Building site of Palamari's Cultural Center
2. Building up the wooden church
3. Building up the meeting hall
4. Building up the workshop houses
5. Creating the adornments
6. Overview of Palamari's Cultural

Establishment report of Palamari's Cultural Center, Moeciu, Romania

Centrul Cultural Palamari