Palamari's Cultural Center

Ceramic painting workshop

Martinel’s country

How Martinel, Reinert’s well- known mascot, has always loved adventures and traveling, visiting the kindergarten No.4  with extended hours from Codlea, represented a new opportunity to meet behaved and creative children in order to make new friends. Kids had to demonstrate to  Martinel how creative they are by decorating and coloring, with enthusiasm, a paper bag, which was then exposed proudly to be admired by the very loved  bear. The little disciples enjoyed the presence of Reinert’s mascot, listened to the story of his adventures, took part in a creative workshop and to an individual photo session. At the end of the workshop they were awarded with several Reinert products and had the opportunity to  take home the handmade souvenir . Thereby Palamari’s Cultural Center would like to  thank  to kindergarten No. 4 Codlea,  Reinert’s team and to Martinel for a beautiful and creative day!

Ceramic painting workshop

A new Palamari’s team success ... little people becoming  great masters!

Friday, November 19, Palamari's Cultural Center  hosted a group of 13 tots who visited the cultural center, played games enjoying good weather, served home made lunch, but also participated to creative activities painting a ceramic pot using a traditional techique and taking it home as a souvenir of this wonderful day. And as the words are useless to describe the mood that enveloped the entire cultural center, we invite you to take a look at the pictures taken during the event.