Workshops for children and adults

Palamari's Cultural Center

Traditional Workshops

As "Painting is just another way of keeping a diary" according to Pablo Picasso, our team keeps making every effort to make your story as fascinating and exciting as possible. That is why we invite you to join the special painting workshops organized within the Palamari's Cultural Center hoping that your story will catch more color.

Pottery painting workshop: In this workshop participants will become familiar with the basics concepts of ceramic painting. We will learn together all you need to know in terms of paint, tools and finally but not least we'll practice the main techniques, all encompassing elements of ornaments originating from the area of Maramures.

* Workshop for adults or children with difficulty adapted to age groups.

Glass painting workshop: As in the pottery painting workshop, we believe that learning glass painting techniques requires the guidance of trained people, a lot of creativity and passion. Palamari's craftsmen will help you discover your creative side and will guide you into the painting process and the laborious techniques.

* Workshop for adults or children with difficulty adapted to age groups.

Painting on wood workshop: Painting on wood, like for any other base, requires first of all mastering the basic techniques, and only then imposes personal talent and skills.  Through this workshop we want to teach our guests the basic concepts of the painting on wood technique, supporting them to create their first documented piece.

* Workshop for adults or children with difficulty adapted to age groups.

Traditional egg decoration: the egg decoration represents an ancient tradition practiced in our country for hundreds of years. Over time, traditional egg painting technique has become increasingly complex and representative to our culture, acquiring very specific symbols and meanings.

During this workshop we will reveal for you the secrets of a perfect egg decoration, and our craftsmen will help you to asses this technique and practice your skills in a very frindly environment.

* Workshop for adults or children with difficulty adapted to age groups.

The Sewing Workshop for romanian traditional patterns: In this workshop we will reveal the meaning of each element present in the "romanian dictionary of traditional patterns" and we will show you how to reproduce them on special types of canvas which are specific to the romanian culture.

*Workshop for adults.

Finger painting workshop: For the junior art lovers, Palamari's cultural center organizes simplified workshops meant to initiate the kids into the basics of painting on different bases (paper, wood, etc.). This technique can be successfully combined with other complex techniques.

* Workshop for children.

Creative Workshops

Scrapbook Workshop: Palamari's team encourages you to cherish your memories. Be creative and learn how to design your own photo album in an original way, customizing it using various techniques and decorating it according to your prefferences.

* Workshop for adults or children with difficulty adapted to age groups.

Origami Workshops: the traditional Japanese art of paper folding is well known as Origami. In this workshop you will discover, in addition to the aesthetic value , the utility of this technique. We will guide you how to create useful objects such as boxes, brooches, ornaments, lamps, figurines, lampshades etc.

* Workshop for adults or children with difficulty adapted to age groups.

Quilling workshops: Quilling is the art of rolling the paper. With this technique you can create lovely greeting cards, paintings, jewelries, 3D figurines, Christmas or Easter ornaments or you can simply decorate boxes, vases, gifts etc.

The quilling workshop will introduce to you the basics of this technique, the necessary tools and will give you the opportunity be assisted by specialized staff in creating your first decorative object.

* Workshop for adults or children with difficulty adapted to age groups.

Dremel D.Y.I Workshops-organized in collaboration with Palamari’s Cultural Center

Eco Workshops: "Nothing is lost, everything changes," says Antoine Laurent, and as we totally agree we are organising the eco creative workshops, that teaches you how to recycle and change the utility of objects that have lost their usefulness, transforming them in a creative way.

Dremel Workshop: under the motto "do it yourself" Dremel workshops are designed to develop participants' skill and ability to make useful objects using their own creativity and their practical abilities, under the guidance of specialized people. And as we consider that creativity requires freedom of expression, we we have the pleasure to teach you how to stop hitting the disadvantages of the economy of scales in terms of furniture or decorative objects. Our craftmen will show you how simple can be to put your ideas into practice using Dremel tools.

Culinary workshops

Socialize, cook and enjoy flavours with Palamari's!

Realizing that gourmet education has a very important role in creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Palamari's Cultural Center offers to its guests the opportunity of discovering the secrets of Romanian traditional dishes and the complexity of culinary events.

Culinary workshops

If you feel ready to dedicate some of your time to the art, and to add more color to your life and make some new friends sharing tha same hobbies, you just have to sign up and attend one of the workshops described above. Very eager to meet you, Palamari's team challenges you to discover…., enjoy flavors and participate to various creative activities .