Palamari's Cultural Center

Need to:
•    Improve team performance?
•    Increase productivity?
•    Improve communication between team members?
•    Improve support level among your employees?
•    Strengthen your managerial and leadership skills?
•    Enjoy original moments with your colleagues in natural surroundings?
•    Be more familiar to the organizational culture of your company?

Palamari's Cultural Center offers you the possibility to improve the performance of your company by finding the right answers to the above mentioned questions in frame of a five days training program. In a natural surrounding, you and your colleagues will have the opportunity to know each other better, share common work experience and ideas for organizational development. This training combines business and leisure having as main target highly motivated employees. Highly motivated employees, a compact team, better communication are few of the elements that bring your company closer to the peak of success.

We like challenges, don't we?

The results of the first team building training:

The first team building training was organized on 8 October 2005, as a result of the cooperation between Palamari’s Cultural Center and IC4U.
The target group of the team building training was conceived of 15 consultants of
Multimedia Skills.

"In the six years that I am director of Multimedia Skills, I never experienced such a fantastic teambuilding trip. It was adventurous as well as relaxing as well as very interesting. Furthermore, we managed, according to all consultants, to really build a team. We tasted the hospitality and found ourselves hosted by people who really make you feel at home."
We all had a great time, very much due to the well organized sessions given by Romanian participants like "Palamari's Cultural Center". Who put a lot of effort in making a good impression. They all succeeded in that.
Multimedia Skills will never forget Romania and Palamari's Cultural Center."
Multimedia Skills Director

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