Gourmet Exhibitions & Shows

Socialize,cook and enjoy flavours!

Due to our great interest in offering divers and original services,Palamari's team wants to find the recipe of success through organising unconventional culinary vents in collaboration with many succesfull partner companies. In this regard, we offer to our guests the opportunity of articipating to unique socio-gastronomic activities.
Palamari’s team proposes culinary events in atypical locations(outdoor) or with atypical topics (presenting ingenious dishes and utensils that can be used in the kitchen) and organises non-formal educational workshops for children.

With Palamari's the creativity finds its place in the kitchen

The entire activity of the Palamari's Cultural Center revolves around creativity. We propose to our guests to spend some quality time performing creative, recreational and educational activities and  learn to think,and why not, to cook in a creative way.
With a special focus on local and natural products and recipes, our team aims to provide gourmets and cooking enthusiasts the opportunity to be initiated into the secrets of Romanian cuisine, to sample traditional cuisine or acquire new information.

Palamari's chef

Gastronomic live shows

In collaboration with renowned chefs, Palamari's Cultural Center organizes live cooking demonstrations that either emphasize the tradition of a certain geographical area or celebrates national or international events. Within the live show so ur guests have the opportunity to learn various cooking techniques or how to use ingenious dishes and utensils.

Exhibitions and tasting sessions of local products

The events are attended by small local, regional or national food producers. The exposed products originate from specific Romanian historical regions such as Bucovina, Dobrogea, Banat, Crisana, Maramures, Moldavia, Wallachia, Transylvania and Oltenia.
Within the exibitions our guests are able to taste different types of Romanian cheese, honey, pickles, gingerbread, homemade bread any many other traditional products.

Thematic workshops and demonstrations

Culinary demonstrations- passive learning

During these events, participants observe cooking tecniques performed by renowned chefs.
Because we want to share with you the secrets of an authenticRomanian meal, we organize demonstration of homemade bread, we teach you how to decorate ginger bread or how to engrave chocolate.

All information are presented step-by-step by qualified personnel in such a way that enables participants to learn all recipes or techniques presented during the event.
The event is divided into two areas: information session and tasting session.

Culinary workshops-active learning

During these events the participants observe and then reproduce different working techniques or steps as outlined previously by specialized person, under their direction.

The event is structured in three areas: informational session, reproducing session and tasting session.
Palamari’s workshops can target different themes or topics chosen by our partners. Some examples of gastronomic workshops conducted by Palamari's team are:

Romanian artisanal bread workshop (workshop for children + adults)

The workshop illustrates the stages to be covered in order to prepare homade bread, explaining step by stepthe specific techniques used.We'll talk about bread, we will make bread,and we will taste bread...

Gingerbread decorating workshops (workshops for children)
During this workshop children will learn how to decorate gingerbread. The workshops are conducted in a very special environment and the final products remainin the possession of children.

Taste education workshops (workshops for children)
This workshop aims to present the most basic cooking techniques, providing simplified information on the nature, quality and the way of various foods.

Engraving in chocolate workshops (workshops for children + adults)
Palamari's team introduces you to the art of chocolate delicacies customization by presenting and explaining various techniques and tools being used in order to engrave in chocolate.

Gastronomic photo-shooting workshops

Workshopsfor adults
This workshop is developed in two sessions: Session 1: Introduction course - the basic information on the art of gastronomic photography and Session 2: Reproductionsession – practicing the shooting techniques learned in the first part of the event.

Workshopsfor companies
Palamari's Cultural Center eases the gastro photo shooting sessions by providing companies with equipped spaces and by facilitating the contact with specialists in the field of gastronomy and photography.
* At your request, Palamari's team can organize personalised workshops, completely adapted to your requirements and needs.

Gastronomic Competitions

Occasionally, during the events described above, our team organizes competitions meant to reward the commitment and creativity of the participants, offering attractive prizes to the winners.
* Examples of contest themes: "Identify the flavors through your 5 senses."
"Best gastronomic photo taken during the gastronomic photo-shooting workshop."