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Palamari's gives you the pleasure of discovering our services and choosing those one that fits you the best.

Our Cultural Center’s offers can easily cover all important aspects of a perfect and carefree holiday or business trips.

Specialized to provide leisure and entertainment services Palamari’s team created a scalable offer of services that enables a perfect customization without hassle.

You can design in just few minutes a complete package of services tailored to your needs and preferences.

Leisure Services

Within the Palamari's Cultural Center, leisure was never a problem and it will never be. Whether you want to relax or deploy knowledge aquiring activities, our team has the pleasure to welcomes you to take part to our events, workshops, exhibitions and demonstrations. You can both relax and learn new things and in the same time you have the opportunity to create your own souvenirs, every single activity being supervised and assisted by trained proffesionals.
With Palamari's learning becomes a pleasure. Be the apprentice and the craftman you want to be! Consult the list of workshops by clicking the link below and choose those activities that you prefer by completing the Palamari's Custom Order Request Form.

Leisure activities, creative workshops, exhibitions and work demonstrations

Palamari's Custom Order Request Form

Accommodation services & special events planning services

You can choose one of our traditional wodeen houses, you can opt for the special events hall or workshops, or even use our small traditional church originating from Maramures. Your every single option all of which are adaptable to the number of persons, preferences or tastes. For detailed information on available spaces and facilities, visit the link below.

Available spaces and facilities

Catering Services

Taste and enjoy local products, create your own menu and enjoy romanian traditional meals with natural products.

Natural local products and traditional recipes